Thanks for finding my little blog and for being curious enough to check out the About page. I am going assume that since you're here you're trying to decide whether I am worth your time.

Hopefully, over time, my content will speak for itself. I could bore you with the long story of my software career. Honestly, one of the dead revisions of this page has a big start on that story. Yeah, I got bored writing it. I can't imagine how bored you'd have to be to read it. But, if you want a quick overview of my professional life, check out my LinkedIn profile.

I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area in the USA with my wife and five children. They are the focus of my life, and providing a good life for them is the reason I work so hard.

I burned myself out a several years ago and gave up on software development altogether. I decided to try a more people-oriented job and began a five year experience as a financial advisor, working with retired people in Sun City, Arizona. It was rewarding, but ultimately my analytical and debugging tendencies made it hard to be that kind of a salesman, so I had to return to what I am good at. Fortunately, the passion came back.

I mention this experience, because it has shaped the way I view myself and others. I also write about personal finance. You can check it out at Personal Finance 210.


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